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I am passionate about using hands-on approaches with digital technology to help students reach a higher level of learning in a blended classroom. I believe the future of learning is Collaborative, Social and Student-centric, allowing students to engage anywhere, any time and on any device, using curated digital content from multiple sources, including KhanAcademy, MIT, Stanford, YouTube, Google, Moodle, etc. The essence of this learning is providing project-based learning, supplemented with multimedia content and facilitated by a teacher as coach. – At the college level, I teach a 3-month immersion course on Starting a Company that I developed to give first hand experience in entrepreneurship. I'm an adjunct faculty member teaching a variety of subjects. I cofounded and coached Destination ImagiNation teams (K-8) for 6 years in my town. Over the years, I have taught German language at the University level and conducted numerous training classes for new software systems. - As an entrepreneur, I have founded and cofounded a handful of companies related to high tech and education. In the late 1990s, my first startup developed a learning collaborative for the College Boards to be used for faculty sharing and we helped test and document one of the first online LMS companies. Outside of EdTech, we developed the first comprehensive online Proxy Voting application, which also served as a design prototype for early online Surveys as we see today in Survey Monkey.

Scratch Engage Your Students
Fri, Oct 31 2014
It all began when I heard Mitch Resnick speak at TEDxBeaconStreet last November. I had heard about Scratch before, but Mitch made with want to really try it out. With his infectious smile, he told about how his 83-year-old mother used Scratch to create a Birthday card for him thanking him for creating scratch (and for being her son).

After that, as things go, I kept running into people who have...
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"Fail Fast" - Teaching the Success of Failure
Thu, Nov 15 2012

In the past few weeks, I have run into "failure" several times. First, a colleague wanted to have a get together to talk about our collective failures in starting companies, which led to a roundtable discussion. Then, it seemed like I encountered more and more stories of failure at every turn -- from my students to my fellow entrepreneurs, from videos I use in my class to articles I came across...
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MassTLC Annual Meeting (3/12/2013)
Wed, Mar 13 2013
MassTLC Annual Meeting (3/12/2013) This video presentation has sound bytes from attendees of the MassTLC Annual Meeting, the Chair and President of MassTLC and some kids who are excited about STEM. A little bit of Governor Patrick, Bob Kraft and Scott Kirsner from the Boston Globe.
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