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Site Updates - Videos, presentations, chat
Carmen_sm_thumb_mini Posted by Carmen Ferrara on April 08, 2011 0 comments

Over the past several weeks we've made quite a few updates to the site.  Here's a summary of changes:

  • Video presentations (FLV, MP4, M4V uploads) are now streamed via Amazon's Cloudfront CDN.  This will improve playback performance and will allow viewers to quickly and easily seek to various points in a video. 
  • Added support for embedded MP3 presentations.  Uploading an MP3 when creating a presentation will now display an embedded media player.
  • Improved Presentation file uploads.  The site can better handle larger and more simultaneous Presentation file uploads.  Also, added a progress bar for large file uploads.
  • Improved site search - added searching for Blog Posts and Wiki Pages
  • Improved Presentation processing and viewing experience.  All document based presentations (PPT, PPTX, PDF) are now converted to images to allow viewing by anyone with a browser. Each presentation is embedded on its own page, along with our slideshow player and comments. 
  • Fixed some minor issues with our Live Chat room feature
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