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Mass Innovations Night is 4 Years Old! (#MIN48)
Ericbraun_linkedin_head_thumb_mini Posted by Eric Braun on March 16, 2013 0 comments
On Wednesday night, I stopped by Mass Innovation Nights for their 4-year anniversary at Lansdowne Pub in Boston. It was a change in venue from the ones I had attended before, and I was unsure how well a bar scene would work for MassInno. At 6pm, things were still on the quiet side, but I was able to find a cheerful Bobbie Carlton, who was doing pretty well for having just returned from SXSW2013 in Austin, TX. I talked to her briefly and then went to work, My goal was to check out the 10 startups, take a picture and get a 30-second sound byte pitch. The variety of companies was great, in celebration of the variety who have come through the past 47 events. I was particularly impressed with the companies that had young people working for them: Help Around Town and Thinkerdeck. The young students were very articulate and full of energy. It' good to see that some companies are doing their part to stimulate entrepreneurship in high schools. Thinkerdeck is also a social entrepreneurship company,... [Read more...]
MassCUE 2011
Carmen_sm_thumb_mini Posted by Carmen Ferrara on October 28, 2011 0 comments
We really enjoyed our time at the annual MassCUE technology conference this past week.  It is a great event that brings together all things education and technology.  This event really represented our public "launch".  We had some great conversations and folks seemed very excited about our new online learning system.  Here are some pics from the event. 

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