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Scratch Engage Your Students
Ericbraun_linkedin_head_thumb_mini Posted by Eric Braun on March 30, 2013 2 comments
It all began when I heard Mitch Resnick speak at TEDxBeaconStreet last November. I had heard about Scratch before, but Mitch made with want to really try it out. With his infectious smile, he told about how his 83-year-old mother used Scratch to create a Birthday card for him thanking him for creating scratch (and for being her son).

After that, as things go, I kept running into people who have been using Scratch with their kids or their students. A few even admitted that they liked playing with it themselves... "My name is X and, yes, I am a Scratch addict." 
In January, I started teaching a course on Intro to Computers. I didn't want to teach it. It sounded boring. But the dean asked me to teach it, so I thought about it. It's a required course, because everyone needs to be digitally literate. That makes sense, but did I need to be the one to teach it? Then, it occurred to me that if I thought it was not the most interesting topic, the students definitely would not be interested... [Read more...]