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Flipping the Classroom at TiE2013
Ericbraun_linkedin_head_thumb_mini Posted by Eric Braun on January 26, 2013 0 comments
A week ago, we facilitated a workshop at the Technology in Education conference (TiE2013) in Holyoke, MA. The workshop was organized by the Collaborative for Educational Services (http://www.collaborative.org) and the Massachusetts Computer Using Educators (http://www.masscue.org). The conference was well-attended by many enthusiastic educators.

Our workshop was entitled "Flipping, Blending and Collaborating in the Classroom". The intent was to introduce the concept of Flipping the Classroom and then get right into a hands-on, team-based project to get the adult educators immersed in Project-based Learning (PBL), which is a key component of Flipping the Classroom. Traditionally, Flipping the Classroom means recording lectures for students to watch at home and then working on homework in class with the teacher's assistance. That can be a great start to changing the dynamics in the classroom and perhaps better engaging students, but I like to think of Flipping the Classroom as "Doing... [Read more...]

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